It must not be a dream, it should be a reality


Create the platform which produces Dream Enablers with forethought, virtue and energy

We will create the business and the organization which work as a platform helping to produce Dream Enablers in five years. The Dream Enablers are people who not only have clear senses of perspective, humanity and justice in the new era, give and keep ones' words, make brave decisions but also have powerful abilities to realize ones' will.

Create the business with Dream-Enablers

We need an amoeboid-formed team (*1) or organization for creating new-type businesses today. As a member of the team, not only people in our company but also high performers out of the company are definitely important for us. Everyone who eager to make the same ideal real is necessary for our business. It does not matter that where the one belongs to as long as one is the Dream-Enabler. We are creating our businesses with them.

Envelop everyone in the whole world

There are a lot of problems from the many fields like population, economy, technology, environment, culture in the 21st century. And, they cannot be easily solved by only Japan itself. We greatly involve people of a foreign country in and solve problems with them.

Make a huge and positive social impact

With the big-scale realization power to change the world better, we continue creating the ambitious enterprise greatly involveing people.

*1 The amoeboid-formed team is structured by key performers and always changing its formation depending on business environment. So, its concept is completely different from a pyramid-formed team which usually has a fixed structure and top-down control.

Greeting : For living in the unsettled world

Expanding the information society, multipolarization of the powers, borderless flows of people, materials and money, the time when the reach of everyone can be carried out to all on the earth if it is so minded. It is also the time when huge information to the extent that it cannot finish judging by a one human being's capability, a thing to the extent that it cannot be chosen or used up and unlimited gold and power are violently jumbled up around us depending on the view.

Can we handle them well in the present age?

Nations and societies gave people the rights to live in search of happiness having free thinking, one's own idea and sense of values. However, the world is becoming complicated exceeding human's power of understanding and changing so rapidly even the moment that we wink. So, because of that, those who become uneasy, are asking for a steadfast thing, are in a fret and dance being surrounded by noise and virtual image and become impossible to judge the right decision are not a small number.

Now, we need to get back to what we basically need for our lives?

Even if a time continues changing, people's essence has not changed so much. In order to spend substantial days, I think that all we need is food, clothing and shelter environment required in order to live, smooth human relations with reliance and bonds.

And moreover, we have to also know what makes us feel truly alive.

It will be perfect for the life if there is the feeling the joy of living. And, the feeling is automatically boiled by becoming absorbed in and realizing what each one can do in the domain at which one's happiness, the surrounding happiness, and social happiness cross. I call those who have a cycle of the feeling Dream-Enabler. And, increasing the Dream-Enablers further accelerates the cycle of positive human activities to make the future society stable and develop it in a sustained manner and it is also the key to build a society comfortable to everyone.

I will work with might and main to produce people who think themselves, draw a vision of the future, brighten eyes for their dream, move about to realize it, and embody the thought as an actual thing into the idea and mission of an organization.

I am very much looking forward to working with you from now on.

Tatsuhiko Katsumata


Cross-border trading


Business-to-Japan support services

A technical visit, Feasibility investigation, Incorporation-procedures assistance, Real estate arrangements, Talented-people introduction and dispatch, Specialist (accounts, audit, taxation business, labor, judicial affairs) introduction, Substitute business, A meeting of deputies, etc

Japanese business information providing service

Providing business information of Japan to Overseas corporation and individual, etc

Private guide for foreign visitor to Japan

Concierge service to foreign visitor to Japan, etc

Product Sales

The sale of Japanese high-value product

The sale of rare and high-value games, anime, manga, figure and so on made of Japan, etc

Social cummunity

Managing communities

Business networking community

Business networking, Sales agent, Promotion, Agent marketing, Managing closed community required a referral, etc

Pay-It-Forward community

Planning and managing events making a social contribution, etc

Free networking events

Planning and managing events of entertainments, events of communicating between multi culture, etc

Human resource development and carrier support

Life Mentor

Counseling, Mentoring, Coaching, Career advice, etc

Business/IT consulting

Business/ operation consulting

Management strategy planning

A subject and problem arrangement, Management innovation image examination, Trial and determination of a management innovation measure, Reexamination of goods/service, Business condition conversion, Mid-term plan designing, etc

Business strategy planning

Competition investigation, Basic strategy arrangement, Industry position check, Company inside-and-outside analysis, Strategy examination, Execution plan designing, etc

Operating change promotion

Project management, Field management and a supervisor, Present condition operational research, Operating change blueprint designing, etc

Business development

Survey analysis (Business seeds investigation, Similar business investigation, Contention analysis, The exterior / internal environment arrangement), Interview and questionnaire (The interview to a stakeholder, The user questionnaire), Business model construction (Business proposal elaboration, Service image construction, Money flow construction, Business scale calculation, Market size calculation), Business promotion support (Deployment plan construction, Financing, Actual proof experiment implementation, Business launch support), etc

Operating change implementation

Educational training implementation, Educational system construction, etc

IT Business consulting

IT strategy planning

IT draft plan, IT investment decision-making support, IT ROI measurement, Company IT strategy designing, CIO/CTO substitute, CTO, IT governance, etc

IT system introduction

Enterprise system, Sales force management, CRM, SCM, Production control, Front end system, etc

Project management (PMO)

PJ plan designing, Business risk management, Resource management, WBS making, A cost estimate, Work management, Progress management, Project handling, etc

Web system introduction

E-commerce systems development and introduction, LAMP development and introduction, and Large-scale website development and introduction, Specification definition, Architecture and a design, Mounting development, Test, Deployment, User training, Employment maintenance, etc


External CIO/ Adviser

IT instruction, Optimization, Adviser to small and medium-sized enterprises, etc

Matching service

Matching service of business consulting project and talented-consultant, etc

Company Profile 会社情報


FUPOUS Co., Ltd.






In operation

since January 2008


October 2011


CEO Tatsuhiko Katsumata


President & CEO Tatsuhiko Katsumata

< Past Works >

- The founder and director of IT entrepreneurial venture at the graduate school,the national university
- The business and IT consultant of the consulting farm, Accenture
- The director and COO of the business consulting and corporate revival company

< Strength >

Not only Business consulting, such as management/ IT strategy designing, operating reform execution support, and IT introduction promotion, but also the Start-up construction, organization construction, corporate revival for the self enterprise

Bachelor of Science (Physics), Master of Information Technology

The orgin of the company's name

The orgin of the company's name

"FUPOUS" is the abbreviation of "Future point of us".

One human being has the future.
People in the world in the present age
and the children born in the chain of a life also have each future.

There is a point to go in each future.

If every person draws the point as the goal of the wonderful future and reach there,
it will greatly change each life and the world for the better.

Putting such a thought, I gave the company this name.


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